Analysis on the methods and requirements of cleaning aerial work platforms

The electric scissor lift is dangerous, tall buildings, wind and rain, not clean well, only timely cleaning work can avoid or reduce the damage to the exterior wall surface. Hydraulic elevator is a mechanical equipment composed of walking mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism and support mechanism. Elevator operating platform is a kind of multifunctional lifting mechanical equipment. It can be divided into fixed type and mobile type, guide rail type, crank type, scissor type, chain type, loading and unloading platform. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a special introduction to electric scissor lift, clean the exterior wall or glass curtain wall.
At present, there are two main ways of cleaning exterior walls: lifting pallets and cleaning windows. There are safety protection devices to prevent the elevator from overloading. A safety valve is provided to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from breaking. Power off emergency lowering device. Hydraulic lifting platform can be divided into: four-wheel mobile lifting platform, two-wheel traction lifting platform, car modified lifting platform, hand-pushing lifting platform, manual lifting platform, AC and DC lifting platform, battery car lifting platform, lifting height from 1 Range from meters to 30 meters.

The method of lifting the board is to use spreaders and spreaders to lift people to the working position for cleaning. Hydraulic lifting platform can be divided into: four-wheel mobile lifting platform, two-wheel traction lifting platform, car modified lifting platform, hand-pushing lifting platform, manual lifting platform, AC and DC lifting platform, battery car lifting platform, lifting height from 1 Range from meters to 30 meters.

This is simple and low cost. As long as the workers have good physical fitness and the rope connection can be reliable, the general building can be so clean, but this way of operation must make safety measures (pointers to solve the problem) place, otherwise the risk is very high, resulting in death And the damage is due to the lack of safety measures (pointers to solve the problem).

How should Battery Scissor Lift platform appear damage to deal with

As long as it is mechanical equipment, there will be a day of damage, we often use the lifting platform is the same, so the lifting platform as a more common use of equipment damaged how to do?

DFLIFT think: ‘Scissor Lift in use after a period of time, if the malfunction is still in warranty period, can contact the manufacturer directly for processing, if the warranty period is over, you can see what the problem is, if he can fix your repair, if is a more complicated problem, consult factory after-sales department immediately let its telephone guidance or door-to-door service.

When buying the Battery Scissor Lift, don’t just look at the price. In fact, we can find out from the outside about the production materials of the Battery Scissor Lift. How much is a ton of steel and the hydraulic power unit is transparent? If quotation is close to cost price or lower than cost price, small make up also do not suggest everybody buys quite. Because after sale cannot guarantee.

Battery Scissor Lift

The structure of mobile Scissor lift platform

The structure part of mobile Scissor lift mainly includes three parts:

mobile scissor lift

Tires: the tires of the Mobile scissor lift often move back and forth, resulting in direct contact with the ground. The wear is still relatively large. It is recommended not to make sharp turns, overweight, etc., to prevent greater friction between the tires and the ground. Electronic control switch: the electronic control switch is also frequently used when operating with the orbital lifting platform. Due to frequent press, stop using, check and repair once the button indicates intermittent fault, etc. Cylinders: as everyone knows, Mobile scissor lift often play a lifting role, that is, cylinders. In long – term movement, wear is relatively large, and there are often some non-standard USES, such as overload, partial load, etc. Damage to the cylinder. Pump station: keep pump clean to prevent debris from entering. Once the dust ring, circle and other problems on the pump station are in doubt, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the use of the rail lifting platform. Seals: seal wear is a problem faced by many equipment. It is mainly the sealing cylinder and piston rod components. Most optional sealing properties, wear resistance, long life of imported components. Many netizens have seen the Internet mobile lift platform cylinder oil leakage phenomenon. The seal ring is just an immediate problem. The structure part of mobile lifting platform mainly includes three parts: lifting device, guide rail device and reversing device. The lifting device is the core of the whole mechanism. The function of the guide rail device is to provide a moving track for smoother operation. The replacement device is the elevator. When the door is used for switching guide rail, the internal structure of the lifting structure is mainly composed of gear mechanism, support, worm gear, guide mechanism, moving arm, upper and lower shell. The mechanism mainly consists of large and small gears, winding belt pulley and intermediate shaft, and safety device consisting of stop and torsion springs. Mobile scissor lift has traditional safety device, and safety device, such as overflow valve, emergency valve, hand pump, pipeline rupture valve, tank oil temperature protection. In addition, the elevator shall be equipped with a wire rope and the wire rope shall be lifted in the equipment. At the same time, it plays a leveling role, it is also a mobile lifting platform seat belt. Chains are not only energy. At critical moments, he can work with the wire rope to prevent the Mobile scissor lift from dropping suddenly.

Applicable scope of mobile Scissor lift platform

Mobile Scissor lift

Mobile lifting platform

The lifting height of the mobile scissor lift is optional from 4 meters to 18 meters. The lifting power is provided by a two-phase 220v or three-phase 380v power motor, which is controlled by electric power. Hand pressure pump is also optional for power failure. It has the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting and easy operation.

The mobile scissor lift is very suitable for factories, offices, shops, building decoration, installation and other industries. The scissor lift can be configured with hand pumps, diesel engines, gasoline engines, and generators as lift power.

DFLIFT is a professional manufacturer of mobile scissor lift in China. Our products are sold all over the world

Comparison of the characteristics of fixed lifting platform and scissor lifting platform

The stationary scissor lifting platform is a special hydraulic lift used to transport goods between the floors of the building. The product mainly USES each kind of work layer goods to transport up and down; Vertical garage and underground garage height between the car lift, etc.

It is a special lifting platform used for transporting goods between each floor of the building. Three – dimensional garage and underground garage layer – high car transport, etc. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti-fall and overload safety protection devices. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and lift table to realize multi-point control.

Product features of stationary scissor lifting platform:

The product structure is firm, the bearing capacity is large, the lifting is smooth, the installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, is economical and practical between the lower floors to replace the elevator of the ideal cargo transportation equipment. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting platform, different configurations can be selected to achieve better use effect.

Scissor lift platform

Shear fork lifting platform is a kind of vertical lifting, indoor and outdoor can be widely used as a high-altitude operation equipment. Can be widely used for equipment maintenance, station, dock, bridge, hall, plant indoor and outdoor machinery installation, equipment maintenance, building maintenance.

Able to work at different heights at a fast and slow speed, can be in the air convenient operation platform to complete continuous up and down, forward, backward, turning and other work.

The lift platform adopts high quality steel, platform provided with a safety board level alarming device, balance valve, automatic alarm device, such as platform safe and reliable, durable, homework can reach 12 meters high, weight 300 kilograms, level of fence can be extended greatly expanded the work scope, applicable to factories to the lobby at the airport, square, park, etc have the work high above the needs of customers.

Product features:

Scissor lifting platform: it integrates four-wheel movement and two-wheel traction, adopts automobile, tricycle or electric vehicle chassis as the platform chassis, USES the engine or direct current as the power, and can drive the platform lifting, widely used in urban construction, oil fields, transportation, municipal, factory and other industries at height.

How to deal with the wear problem of the scissor lift?

Scissor lift is not uncommon in life, such as construction site, factory, cinema, museum, street lamp maintenance, etc., the use demand is very high, so how should we deal with the problem of wear and tear of the lift? Interested friends can come and find out.

1, hydraulic scissor lift rolling bearings wear in the form of adhesive wear, abrasive wear, corrosion wear, fretting wear, etc., moisture, moisture and acid or alkali solution intrusion into the bearing will cause corrosion wear, so it is necessary to reduce the outside pollution sources.

  1. Hydraulic scissor lift should be used to reduce partial load, so as to prevent uneven pressure on the cylinder. The lift should polish butter on the pin shaft regularly to reduce friction on the pin shaft.
  2. During the effective use of hydraulic scissor lift, there will be invisible or tangible wear, which will reduce the value of the lift. Hydraulic scissor lift with severe visible wear often cannot work before repair, while equipment with severe invisible wear can be used, but its labor cost is high and the economic effect is poor.
  3. When the visible and invisible wear period of scissor lift is close, the equipment needs to be overhauled, so there will be new equipment. Therefore, it is meaningless to overhaul the equipment. If the hydraulic elevator has serious physical wear, invisible wear period has not arrived, then the original equipment for major repair or replacement of similar equipment. If the invisible wear period is earlier than the visible wear period, is to continue to use the original equipment or use advanced equipment replacement, it is necessary to carry out economic analysis.
  4. If the hydraulic scissor lift is not used properly for lubricating oil, it is likely to cause adhesive wear or even burns relative to the motor surface. When doing maintenance work, pay attention to safety issues.

We will leave you with the question of how to handle scissor lift wear and tear and hope to help people in need.

Introduction to the cause and harm of oil leakage of hydraulic scissor lift platform

Hydraulic scissor lift oil leakage is a common problem for customers using sor lift. As far as the current level of mechanical manufacturing is concerned, the hydraulic scissor lift has oil leakage at different levels, which not only causes large energy consumption, but also affects the normal operation of users. An oil spill at the scissor lift can usually be detected immediately, with a focus on pressure drop at the scissor lift, a sudden change in rate, oil accumulation on critical land or mechanical surfaces, and equipment requirements usually need to be reoil to restore the previous high altitude.

Once oil leakage will be shut down for maintenance, forced operation will only damage machinery, causing serious air pollution, we should prevent the hydraulic lifting platform oil leakage phenomenon, to minimize the risk, below small to find out the cause of oil leakage of the scissor lift hydraulic oil leakage cause:

Mobile hydraulic scissor lift

Why does hydraulic scissor lift usually leak oil in its operation? DFLIF is here to give you an analysis and introduction:

1, hydraulic scissor lift forging box, quality requirements, such as the occurrence of sand holes, pores, cracks, loose combination and other shortcomings, but not quickly found, in the use of equipment, these shortcomings are often the source of oil leakage equipment.

  1. The oil pipe adopts plastic pipe. After long-term use, the aging of raw materials will occur, and the oil pipe and pipe distributor will split, forming oil leakage barrier.
  2. After the sealing ring is used for a long time, conflicts and wear will cause it to lose its sealing performance. Perhaps the aging of rubber and other raw materials will cause the sealing ring to be fully damaged.
  3. Due to the processing of the fusion surface of the box body and the box cover, the plane degree is important and out of tolerance and the surface roughness is too coarse, perhaps the residual internal stress is too large to form deformation, so that the fusion surface is not closely fitting, or the fastener may produce damage and loosening phenomenon, often will form the oil leakage phenomenon.

Ii. Hydraulic scissor lift oil leakage caused by incorrect design

  1. There is no correct oil return path, so that the oil return is not free to form oil leakage in the equipment.
  2. The sealing element is not suitable for the operation premise, resulting in oil leakage of the equipment.
  3. There is no designed seal for this seal. Maybe the seal size is not right and the structure matched with the seals is not correct.

Oil leakage caused by improper maintenance of hydraulic scissor lift

  1. The equipment of related parts is not suitable for oil leakage.

2, oil change requirements, often will form equipment leakage.

3, the smooth system and adjustment is not suitable for the formation of oil leakage.

About the hydraulic lifting platform oil leakage causes and leakage hazards introduction, DFLIFT for you to introduce here, we hope that you can in the encounter of these problems in accordance with our method to do some judgment and treatment, if you can not deal with, you can contact us, we will provide you with the corresponding guidance. DFLIFT has 20 years of production experience, and our scissor lift can be 100% oil free within 5 years. Please visit the website:

What are the USES of a mini scissor lift?

A mini scissor lift is a small scissor lift device that is produced by many machine manufacturers. What are the USES of a mini scissor lift? How to do follow-up maintenance of mini sor lift? This is a problem that many users find when using a mini scissor lift, so it is important to know if you are using a mini scissor lift. A mini scissor lift can be used in a wide range of places.

Lightweight mobile scissor lift

Now mini scissor lift is applicable to many places, such as the station, wharf, shopping malls and residential property, so the mini lift platform will provide great convenience in many ways, itself has the function of walking and to drive, do not need artificial joint, also do not need an external power source, can be flexible, convenient and make the work high above the more fast and more convenient, is the ideal of many efficient modern enterprise production safety aerial work equipment. Therefore, mini lift platform has been widely used in many places, and when using mini scissor lift, you must know her maintenance method to better develop the value.

Using the principle of mini scissor lift by a lot, so the user must understand, non-professional staff can’t literally disassembling wire, in order to prevent electric shock and between content, so the scissor lift check below are must support davit lift platform working platform in order to prevent the machine suddenly fall, in order to avoid more hurt, DFLIFT scissor lift manufacturer to remind everybody to use mini scissor lift must be used in formal training, can let it to avoid a lot of injuries, are you a camera use range is very wide also, It brings great convenience to our production and life. When using the mini scissor lift, we must pay attention to its use method and correct operation essentials, so that we can use it better.

How to judge whether the lifting platform is abnormal by sound?

Now, many places in life are inseparable from the help of the scissor lift. The scissor lift is also a problem, and there are many ways to judge that it is working abnormally. The scissor lift emits some sound during the operation, and the different sounds reflect the real-time working conditions of various parts of the lifting platform. Next, follow the DFLIFT manufacturers to learn how to diagnose the abnormal operation of the scissor lift.
Determine if the scissor lift is working abnormally based on the sound:
1, the scissor lift makes a squeaking sound
This sound indicates a change in the bearing speed of the scissor lift and ripples on the surface of the part. By improving the condition of the bearing raceway surface, this sound can be reduced.

2, the scissor lift makes a sound of smashing
This sound is formed by a vibrational collision between the retainer and the rolling elements. When the torque, load or radial clearance is large, it is easy to produce a sound of leaching. Improve the accuracy of the retainer, select a bearing with a small clearance or apply a preload to the bearing, reduce the torque load, reduce the installation error, and select a good lubricant to reduce the occurrence of this sound.
3, the lifting platform makes a buzzing sound
The buzzing sound when starting or shutting down indicates that the pump station runs without load, and the pump station has abnormal axial vibration. This is mainly because the axial vibration is affected when the shaft alignment performance is not good. Unstable vibration.
The above is based on the method of judging whether the work of the lifting platform is abnormal or not, and hopes to help everyone solve the problem at work.

scissor lift table

What matters needing attention when operating hydraulic lifting platform?

scissor lifts are available on industrial or construction sites. Mainly used for transporting people and goods. We can make full use of the hydraulic scissor lift to improve operating efficiency and greatly reduce the working intensity of operators. What are the precautions for hydraulic operation? Jinan longzhu manufacturers xiaobian take you to understand.

Fast wear rate of equipment:

Due to the processing and installation factors of hydraulic scissor lift and other equipment components of aerial work platform, the surface of equipment is rough, the contact area is small, and the load is not uniform, which leads to wear and tear of equipment. During the operation of the equipment, the concave and convex parts of the surface of the parts rub and engage with each other, and the metal scrap and the equipment rub twice, accelerating the wear of the surface of the equipment parts. Therefore, the hydraulic lifting platform and other high-altitude platform equipment during the run-in may cause wear of components, wear speed. If the scissor lift is overloaded, it may cause damage to the part and mechanical failure.


Newly fabricated and assembled components from high-altitude platform equipment often have geometric shapes and matching dimensions. In the initial stages of use, they are subject to alternating loads (such as shock and vibration) or heat and deformation. If worn out too quickly, it is easy to loosen the parts held in place by overhead platform equipment.

Improper use of lubricating oil:

The lubrication and maintenance of aerial working platform equipment such as hydraulic scissor lift will also reduce the matching gap of components. Lubricating oil is not easy to form uniform film on the friction surface.

About the attention of the hydraulic scissor lift in the process of operation, today to introduce you here, hope to provide some help for your work

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